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last hours on the mainland

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Sleeping in was just the thing we wanted to do the most, but on the other hand, we also wanted to see stilt fishing since this was well known for the country and we felt we didn't seen enough of the country if we didn't had seen this. Yes, I know, we are two strange ladies, but that's just us, we can't help it!

Yesterday evening we looked up the place where they supposed to be fishing, but sadly enough they were already gone and as our friendly guy behind the reception told us, that you could either see them early in the morning or late at the evening, we had to go for the first one!

We woke up at 6 AM hoping that this time we had more luck and as we walked on the beach, it really felt nice that we had the beach almost all to ourselves, besides us, there were just a few other fools enjoying the morning sunrays, but hey, after a few minutes walking along the beach, we got rewarded coz one man was stilt fishing and it was incredible to watch him catch one little fish after another, this alone made my morning!



As we started to get hungry, we slowly walked back towards our hotel, where breakfast was being served at 7 AM and guess what, we even had to wait a few minutes before they opened the door, I guess in a way we are crazy!

Breakfast was yummy as always and since we still had half a day to relax, we decided to make the most of it and looked up a place for some sunbathing. Sadly enough, we ended up in such a resort where people manage to claim there seats even from the day before with towels or using other stuff and in the end we just resorted to laying on the ground in what seemed to be a free spot. I didn't felt at ease at all and although it was still early in the morning, it was just so hot that lying in the sun without an umbrella was just plain crazy and after half an hour, we just resorted to one last walk along the beach.

Today, the two of us were going to be picked up at 1.30 PM and as soon as we got back, we had one last quick shower, changed our gear from beach to airport clothing and promptly at the agreed time, a guy was waiting for us to bring us to Colombo, which was going to be a 2.5 hours drive.

In the beginning we thought we were going to be brought straight to the airport and were at easy because a few days of relaxation at the Maldives were ahead of us, but as we started talking to our driver / guide, we quickly learned that he had to show us around Colombo as well.

How on earth was he going to do this, was the mean question that went through my mind a couple of times, but strangely enough we made good time and arrived at the capital a few hours before we needed to be at the airport.

Firstly, he brought us to some kind of temple which was large in size with lots of Buddha statues and so on, but the most impressing thing was the huge tree, which according to our guide, was a seed of the infamous tree Buddha sat under when he became enlightened. True or false, who cared, it was just impressive to see. From there we went on foot to another temple by the water where we had a quick stop, than it was back into the car but not for a drive towards the airport.

Apparently we had one last stop at the Independence square and while he was telling us more about it, traffic started to get worse and he got more nervous by the minute. A nervous driver also meant nervous tourists and as we were praying that we would arrive at the airport in time. Someone high up there somehow felt compasionate with two humble girls coz with just minutes to spare, we arrived at the airport.

Never have we've been that quick with unloading our luggage from the taxi, checking in and getting through customs. We even got lucky and had a bit of time to spare to have a bite to eat before we got boarded and while our bird took off in the air, I had nothing but paradise moments on my mind.

As I tried to sleep on the plane and strangely enough succeeded for a bit, I was more than happy to see the capital of the Maldives, or in my case, the lights.

While we were waiting for our luggage and afterwards for our speed boat to take us to our little atoll,  getting there couldn't go quick enough and as we spent more than half an hour on the water, we finally arrived a little bit before midnight at our own little island called paradise!

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