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Yesterday I wasn't really in the mood for an early rise and shine but today was our last day here on our tiny atoll. I just wanted to make the most of it and for the very first time since we were on the island, we set our alarm clock at a little before the sun would rise.

Still very sleepy, the both of us just went outside on our terrace lying on our sunbeds till suddenly the sun was there and with it, its warmth as well. This was just so awesome!

Feeling hungry, we went for our last breakfast and it was a little bit sad knowing that our holiday sadly enough came to an end. Today was a day with nothing but things we were going to do for the very last time, such a swimming with the fishes, sunbathing, enjoying a cocktail ... thinking about the fact that tomorrow we were home again was a bit hard to digest, but it also meant we were going back to our loved ones for the holidays, so in the end that is what counts the most.

As we were lucky to keep our room till about 4 PM, there was plenty of time to pack our stuff till the very last moment when we suddenly heard that knock on the door. Our bell boy was there to pick up the luggage and slowly it got to us that we were going to leave this beautiful island behind us, that's faith as well of course!

Packed and ready to go, we still needed to wait almost half an hour for our speed boat to take us to the airport and as we said to goodbye to the staff and left our little atoll behind us, we also noticed some dark clouds. It seemed that the weather gods agreed upon us to wait with the bad weather till we left, how cool is that!

It took about an hour to go back to the airport and as we arrived at the scene, we still had a few hours "to kill" so to speak coz our flight was not going to leave till 10 PM at the evening.

As we were getting our luggage of the boat, someone of the agency, asked us if we would like to go on a short "city trip" of Malé. Since it was but a 2 hours trip, we gladly accepted coz this sounded more interesting than staying at the airport for more than 2 hours.

It looked like we were the only 2 ones interested and as soon as our luggage was stored away safely, we followed a rather young looking man into a ferry towards Malé and although he tried to guide us as good as possible, you could feel that things werent' in the best of ... so to speak. Being a muslim, he instantly had problems with guiding two women and we tried to ignore that, but sometimes he made a woman unfriendly comment which we ignored all together. 

Being a guide, I think you have to get yourself over the fact that you guide all kinds of people and religion, so if you can't do that, stay out of the business, but that's just me thinking out loud!

Malé on itself is a very busy city and although we saw it only in the dark, I still am glad I did the trip so that I honestly can say that there is not so much to see besides a few mosques, some markets who are opened 24 hours a day and a big beach which was as good as empty at 7 PM in the evening.

Once back at the airport, we still had time to have a bite to eat, got rid of our luggage as soon as possible and walked alongside and of course in the souvenir shops till it was time to board our plane to Dubai.

Surprisingly enough, this flight was but half full, so we had more than enough space to lie down and try to sleep. I tried to watch a movie first but somehow I didn't manage to see it completely and I didn't even remember arriving in Dubai at 3 AM in the morning.

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Ils, it was great you agreed to take a look at Male! It was also a bit risky because of the time...

by Vic_IV

Well, now I know there is not so much to see. :)

by Ils1976

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